Privacy on the Move

Tectone23 is a project built for the security, trust and stability of mobile life using blockchain technology. Our project not only provides the infrastructure, but also presents a comprehensive product suite for users and developers to harness the expansive possibilities of Web3. Tectone23 is ready to help revolutionalise how we interact with the digital world, ushering in a new era where individuals have the reins of their online experiences. Join our community to learn more.

DApps with Privacy by Design

Tectone23 is powering the next generation of Mobile DApps by leveraging cutting-edge Web3 and blockchain technologies, that allow for a frictionless user experience with enhanced data protection and security. Our world-class team of blockchain experts are creating a secure and private ecosystem, that empowers users to take control of their data, while providing you with a platform to build decentralised applications that can reach a global audience.

Active DApps as of 2022

DApps Wallets'activity increase between 2018-2023

Empowering Decentralisation

Web3, the internet’s evolution, merges decentralised tech and community for data and identity control. Our products prioritise privacy through cryptographic security, offering infrastructure and tools for users and developers to unlock Web3’s potential. Tectone23, emphasising security and trust, is reshaping digital interactions, empowering individuals to navigate the Web3 with confidence.

Web 2 vs Web 3


A privacy-centric Web3 mobile operating system with native blockchain API, robust security, DApps integration, decentralized messaging, and DeFi, it ensures a private, secure, and integrated experience.


Experience an all-in-one Web3 wallet – effortlessly trade crypto, earn rewards, manage NFTs, and explore DApps, all within a single platform.


We focus on a developer-centric blockchain using Algorand's protocol for secure and scalable infrastructure. Our goal is to nurture an innovative community with an emphasis on user-friendly DApp deployment and accessibility.

Web3 Enabled

Indulge in a community-driven Web3 experience. We prioritise privacy, economic empowerment, and developer accessibility.

Security & Privacy First

We maintain transparency in our code, empowering end users with the freedom to control their data. Take charge and be the master of your data.

What makes us different


While others build on Ethereum, our preference is Algorand, a platform that addresses persistent challenges in various blockchain technologies. Refer to the WhitePaper for details.

Developer & End User Oriented

We prioritize developers by offering the T-SDK, while also simplifying Web3 through user-friendly mobile DApps for end-users with limited knowledge of the Web3.

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