A Secure Privacy-Based Web3

Mobile Operating System


Introducing TectoneOS​

Tectone23 is powering the next generation of Mobile Apps leveraging cutting-edge Web3 and blockchain technologies that allow for a frictionless user experience with enhanced data protection and security. Our world-class team of blockchain experts are creating a secure and private ecosystem that empowers users to take control of their data, while providing you with a platform to build decentralised applications that can reach a global audience.

nft marketplace

DApps On The Move

Access your favourite DApps anytime, right at your fingertips.

data protection

Secure EcoSystem

Rest assured with our OS, ensuring state-of-the-art security and privacy measures to safeguard you and your data.

Privacy Browsing

Easy To Use OS

Experience a smooth and seamless mobile OS that simplifies tasks, ensure ease and efficiency.

Hardened Security Features

Harnessing a hardened fork derived from GrapheneOS, TectoneOS prioritises security through customised adjustments to the kernel, system, and DApps.


Decentralized Messaging

Privacy-centric features are integrated into T-Messenger which includes end-to-end encryption, ephemeral messaging plus more.

Privacy-First Browsing

Tor integration allows for anonymous browsing, ensuring heightened user privacy. There are also advanced privacy extensions such as ad blockers, tracker blockers, and content blockers.

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