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Create Apps with Access to a Composable Data Layer

T-Core: The Blockchain Platform

We are pleased to present this technical business proposal for T-Core, our cutting-edge blockchain platform. T-Core is designed to empower developers with the tools and resources they need to build on the blockchain easily. This proposal outlines the key features, benefits, and strategies for T-Core's integration into the developer community.

Objective: To simplify blockchain development by providing a robust API and an intuitive Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers.

Key Features:

  1. Integrated with T-23 Blockchain: A stable and proven foundation for building decentralised applications.
  2. Comprehensive API: A feature-rich API that exposes all blockchain functionalities.
  3. Intuitive SDK: A user-friendly Software Development Kit for rapid application development.
  4. Security and Reliability: Strong emphasis on security, scalability, and performance.
  5. Developer Community: Support and engagement to foster a vibrant developer ecosystem.

Platform Details

T-Core is integrated with T-23 blockchain, combining the robustness of Ethereum with enhanced features and capabilities. T-Core offers a comprehensive API that exposes all blockchain functionalities, including smart contracts, transaction management, and consensus protocols. Developers can interact with the blockchain through well-documented and RESTful endpoints, simplifying the integration process.

Intuitive SDK - The heart of T-Core's developer-friendly approach is its SDK. This toolkit streamlines the consumption of the API, offering pre-built functions, libraries, and development templates. Developers can write blockchain applications with ease, reducing development time and complexity.

Security and Reliability is paramount in blockchain development. T-Core incorporates industry-best practices for secure coding, smart contract audits, and continuous monitoring. With a focus on scalability and performance, T-Core can handle high transaction volumes without compromising on reliability.


Creating a thriving developer community is vital for the success of any blockchain platform. Tectone23 will actively engage with developers through forums, tutorials, webinars, and hackathons. We will provide comprehensive documentation and responsive support to ensure developers have the resources they need to succeed.